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How to Clean White Baseboards: Easy Tips for Sparkling Results

Learn how to clean white baseboards and make them shine again with our simple step-by-step guide, including the necessary tools and maintenance tips.

White Baseboards with Grey Walls and Wood Flooring with Text Overlay 'How to Clean White Baseboards'

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A Quick how-to for cleaning white baseboards

*Then read on for more details!*

  • Gather cleaning supplies – here are our go-tos: dryer sheets for dusting, a spray bottle with warm water and dish soap and a microfiber towel for deep cleaning, a magic eraser or borax paste + nonabrasive scrubber for spot cleaning, and a microfiber towel to dry them completely.
  • Follow these 4 easy steps:
    1. Dust – remove dust and dirt by wiping the top of the baseboards with a dryer sheet.
    2. Deep clean – spray the baseboards with a cleaning solution like warm water and mild dish soap. Wipe with a microfiber towel or sponge.
    3. Spot clean – remove any marks or tough spots with a magic eraser or borax paste and a nonabrasive scrubbing sponge.
    4. Dry thoroughly – wipe down and dry with a microfiber towel.
  • Keep reading for:
    • A step-by-step guide with more details and cleaning supply options.
    • Tips for cleaning baseboards without bending over and without damaging or removing paint.
    • How to create a cleaning routine to maintain beautiful, clean white baseboards
Closeup of White Baseboards

If you take pride in a clean and neat home, you’ve probably noticed how easily dust, dirt, and scuff marks accumulate on your white baseboards. They can be a real hassle to maintain compared to other types of trim.

But don’t worry! Cleaning and freshening up your white baseboards doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. We’ve got you covered with some simple and efficient tips that will have your baseboards looking sparkling clean and as good as new.

✨ White Baseboard Cleaning Hacks ✨

#1 Dusting

Use dryer sheets or microfiber cloths to dust the corners and top of the baseboards. This will help trap and remove dirt and dust particles.

#2 Deep Cleaning

Make a dish soap and warm water solution in a spray bottle. Then apply to baseboards and wipe down with a clean, dry microfiber towel.

#3 Tough Spots

Tackle tough spots and scuff marks with a magic eraser or borax paste (mix borax and warm water) and a non-abrasive scrubber. Gently scrub.

Preparation for Cleaning

Before diving into the actual cleaning, it’s important to prepare the area and gather the right tools. In this section, we’ll provide you with simple steps to get ready and have everything you need on hand.

Cleaning Supplies

Gather Necessary Cleaning Supplies

Here’s a more extensive list of options for cleaning supplies. Find our favorites in the quick how-to summary.

To Dust and Remove Dirt

Here are the best options to dust baseboards. Of course, you don’t need all of these.

  • Dryer sheets – dryer sheets are helpful for removing dust and dirt from baseboards as the sheets’ anti-static properties attract and trap particles, making it easier to wipe them away.
  • Microfiber towels – microfiber cloths are highly effective in removing dust and dirt from baseboards due to their electrostatic properties, which easily attract and capture particles.
  • Vacuum with a brush – using a vacuum with a brush attachment helps agitate and loosen debris while the vacuum’s suction power effectively collects it.
  • Extendable duster – an extendable duster is a practical solution for reaching and removing dirt and dust from baseboards without bending over. The extendable feature allows you to access high or low areas with ease.
  • Baseboard Buddy – the Baseboard Buddy is a convenient tool designed specifically for cleaning baseboards. Its extended handle and cleaning pad make it easy to clean baseboards without bending over or straining your back.
Dusting Baseboard with Dryer Sheets
Favorite Tools for Dusting Baseboards

To Deep Clean

  • Cleaning solutions – there are several great cleaner options to use on your baseboards after dusting. Here are just a few:
    • dish soap or mild detergent with warm water
    • your favorite all-purpose cleaner
    • vinegar, water, and your favorite essential oils
  • Spray bottle – if your cleaner doesn’t already come in a spray bottle, you’ll want to add it to one. This allows for easy and controlled application of cleaning solutions onto the surface.
  • Non-abrasive rag, sponge, or scrubber – be sure to select a scrubber that will not cause any scratches or damage to the surface of the baseboards.
  • Baseboard Buddy – the Baseboard Buddy tool can also be used wet to deep clean baseboards.
Deep Cleaning Baseboard with Sponge
Favorite Tools for Deep Cleaning

To Remove Scuff Marks

  • Magic eraser contains fine micro-abrasive foam that can lift and eliminate tough marks, making it a convenient and gentle solution for restoring the beauty of white baseboards.
  • Borax paste is a mixture you can make of borax and warm water. It is an excellent option for removing scuff marks from baseboards because it creates mild abrasive properties that help lift stubborn marks without damaging the surface.

➡️ How do you make a borax cleaning paste?

Pour 1/2 cup of borax in a small bowl and 1/4 cup warm water (or a 2:1 ratio of borax:water) and stir until you have a paste-like consistency. Use a non-abrasive scrubbing sponge to apply and gently scrub to remove tough marks.

Note: if you are unsure whether or not your cleaning supply will damage or discolor your baseboards – be sure to test a small area first before cleaning all of your baseboards. Avoid harsh cleaners like bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and undiluted vinegar, as these could remove the finish or cause discoloration of your baseboards.  

Spot Clean Scuff Marks with Borax Paste or Magic Eraser
Favorite Tools for Spot Cleaning

To Thoroughly Dry

  • Microfiber towels are great for drying baseboards after cleaning due to their high absorbency and lint-free nature.
Drying Baseboards with Microfiber Towel
Favorite Tools for Drying

Move Any Furniture or Obstructions

Before you start cleaning your white baseboards, it’s best to clear the area by moving any furniture or objects that may be blocking them. This can include chairs, tables, rugs, and decorations. Also, don’t forget to give the floor around the baseboards a quick vacuum and cleaning to prevent dirt from returning while you clean.

Grey Wall with White Baseboards and Trim with Plant and Rug

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning White Baseboards

Follow this simple process to clean your baseboards and make them like-new.

Step 1 | remove dust & Dirt

Before using any liquid cleaner (step 2), remove any dust and dirt with a dry cleaning tool. This way, you can avoid spreading the dirt and making more work for yourself.

You can use a dryer sheet, a microfiber cloth, or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. (See a more extensive list here.) This is a quick and easy way to eliminate any surface-level dirt.

Step 2 | Deep clean with a solution

When wet-cleaning baseboards, avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners is important as they can damage the paint or finish. Instead, we recommend using an eco-friendly combination of warm water and mild detergent or dish soap. (See more options here.)

We recommend adding the solution to a spray bottle. This will help you apply it more easily than a bucket and sponge. Then scrub as needed with a sponge. Finish by wiping down the surface with a microfiber towel.

Step 3 | Spot clean scuff marks

You will likely have scuffs or tough spots remaining after you clean with a gentle cleaning solution and rag. We recommend using 1) a magic eraser or 2) a borax paste with a scrubber (see how to make a borax paste here) and little elbow grease to remove any stubborn spots.

Note: you may need to respray the cleaning solution from step 2 and wipe down the trim again.

Step 4 | dry thoroughly

After cleaning the baseboards, be sure to dry the surface thoroughly. You can use a clean towel or microfiber cloth.

Baseboards by White Shiplap and by White Door

How to Clean Baseboards Without Bending Over

Say goodbye to back strain while cleaning baseboards. Here are some easy tips to maintain clean baseboards comfortably without bending over.

  • Use a long-handled cleaning tool: invest in a Baseboard Buddy (a tool specifically for cleaning baseboards that can be used dry or wet), extendable duster, or microfiber mop.
  • Using your tool of choice—first dry dust the baseboards and then spray the baseboards and wipe down. (Spraying on your cleaner will help you avoid using a bucket and sponge on your knees.)
  • To tackle stubborn markings, you’ll likely need to grab a stool to sit on and be able to put a little elbow grease into it.

How to Clean Baseboards Without Removing Paint

To clean moulding and baseboards while still protecting the paint, make sure to use gentle cleaning detergents and sponges. Mild dish soap mixed with water is our ideal gentle cleaning option. Also, ensure your cleaning supplies are light in color—do not use any bright colors (or materials) that could bleed onto the paint. (Note: colored microfiber towels are fine.)

How to Create a Cleaning Routine

The best way to keep your white baseboards looking like new is to clean them regularly. This will help to prevent dirt and grime from building up and making the cleaning process too difficult to keep up with.

How often you dust and deep clean your baseboards depends on how much dirt accumulates in your home. We recommend dusting baseboards monthly and deep cleaning your baseboards every three months.

  • Monthly – wipe baseboards with a dryer sheet or microfiber towel.
  • Quarterly – deep clean every three months using these steps.
  • Annually – touch-up any areas that need paint.

To avoid overwhelm—alternate the rooms you focus on each week or month. Most importantly, follow a cleaning routine that works for you and your schedule. Remember, a consistent routine is key to maintaining a clean and beautiful home.

  • Week 1 – kitchen, dining, pantry
  • Week 2 – bedrooms. closets
  • Week 3 – laundry room, living rooms
  • Week 4 – bathrooms
Deep Clean Baseboards

FAQs About Cleaning White Baseboards

Here are answers to common questions related to cleaning baseboards.

Do white baseboards get dirty?

Yes, white baseboards can indeed get dirty. Being at the bottom of walls, baseboards are prone to accumulating dust, dirt, scuffs, and other types of grime over time. This is especially noticeable on white baseboards. Regular cleaning and maintenance are important to keep white baseboards looking clean and fresh.

How do you clean dirty baseboards without damage?

To clean dirty baseboards without causing any damage, we recommend using a dryer sheet or microfiber cloth to gently remove dust and dirt. Then, mix a solution of warm water and mild soap or dish detergent. Spray on the cleaning solution and wipe down the baseboards gently. Make sure to dry the baseboards with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

What is an easy way to clean baseboards standing up?

An effective and easy way to clean baseboards while standing up is to use a duster or mop with a long handle. This helps you avoid bending down and makes the cleaning process more comfortable. The Baseboard Buddy is a great option as it can be used dry or wet. (Read more here.)

Which cleaning product is best for white baseboards?

For white baseboards, we suggest using a mild, pH-neutral cleaning solution safe for painted surfaces. You can create your own mixture using warm water and a small amount of dish soap. This will help remove dirt and grime without damaging the paint or finish.

What are some baseboard cleaning hacks or tools?

  1. Remove dirt with a dryer sheet or microfiber towel.
  2. Make a cleaning solution with mild dish soap and warm water. Add it to a spray bottle.
  3. Use a magic eraser or borax paste to help remove scuffs and tough spots.
  4. Use a long-handled duster and/or mop for easy, convenient cleaning without bending down. Check out the Baseboard Buddy.
Closeup of White Baseboard

Final Thoughts

Say goodbye to the stress of cleaning your white baseboards! Our easy-to-follow guide and handy hacks will have your baseboards shining like new. With these simple steps, you can effortlessly bring back the sparkle and make your baseboards look pristine again.

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